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Free up resources and expand your benefits offering with KovaHR. Our complete HR Outsourcing solution helps you to manage the day-to-day business while gaining access to employee benefits and dedicated HR expertise your business might not otherwise be able to afford.

As employment laws and regulations continue to grow in both their volume and complexity, accessing the expertise to protect your company and maintain corporate compliance has become a requirement, rather than a luxury.

What is HRO?
Human Resource Outsourcing, also referred to as Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO), is an outsourced solution that combines HR management with payroll services. HR management has a broad range of functions, but baseline services include the creation of policies and procedures, defining hiring processes and required documentation, development of performance management and development processes, and general employment compliance activities. The range and depth of services provided depend on your company’s needs, and we will develop a customized solution that brings greater focus to your organization’s goals throughout the employment lifecycle.

Comprehensive Payroll Services: We’ve Got You Covered

In this business model, KovaHR delivers all facets of payroll and payroll taxes for your business. Employees are paid via direct deposit, taxes withheld and remitted on your behalf under your tax ID number.

Full HR Delivery: Part of Your Team

Over the past 12+ years, we have been engaged in delivering all levels of human resource management – strategic direction, employee development, onboarding functions, creation and implementation of policies and procedures, progressive discipline consultation, and even technical separations

Whatever HR support your company needs, we can provide; we have a team of credentialed HR professionals with different backgrounds and experiences that delivers varied and robust expertise. Rather than being down the hall in your office, we are down the street, and the cost of our services is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time employee.

Employment Policies & Procedures: A Plan For Success

Our approach to documenting your internal policies and procedures brings definition to the plan and significantly minimizes the risk of being an employer in today’s environment.

This involves working with you to understand YOUR culture and work environment, defining your new hire processes and requirements, developing the encouraged and acceptable practices within your workplace/culture, development of employee handbooks, creating/updating job descriptions and establishing performance management goals, methodology and practices.

All these tools work in tandem to support your business goals and protect you, your employees and your company.

New Hire Management:




  • One of the area's growing companies struggle with is the onboarding process of new employees, yet it is one of the most critical components of the employment lifecycle. The hiring process is critical for two reasons: (1) a whole host of regulations play a part when sensitive candidate information is collected; and (2) it is the first impression a new hire gets of what it will be like to work for your company.

Effective Processes


  • KovaHR will work with you to create an effective hiring process that meets your business needs and regulatory requirements. We will bring definition to the tools and processes you will consistently use to evaluate and onboard new employees. Do you currently use an employment application, perform background checks (and at what levels), do drug testing, do you have policy attestations, etc.? We will develop a custom process for your company that can be consistently applied, and we have training programs to educate hiring managers on the best practices for evaluating and hiring new employees.


Once you have made a decision to move forward with a new hire, we also manage the functions of onboarding. We ensure the required new hire paperwork is completed correctly, we help you set up appropriate employee files and we coordinate benefit elections with your carriers.

Tell us how we can help — and we will.