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Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, gives you specialist hiring support when you need it. An external partner, like us, handles some or all of your hiring process—tackling the tricky task of finding the right people at the right time without sending costs spiralling. We scale our searches depending on what your business needs right now—or will need soon. And we make your recruitment processes fairer and more inclusive, too.


We have decades of experience as an award-winning RPO partner to all types of industries, all around the world.

And, unlike other recruitment process outsourcing agencies who hire and go, we’re the only provider that evaluates and benchmarks skillset and mindset for each role, including market insight, job design and sourcing specialists to hit hiring targets without compromising on candidate quality. So you find candidates that don’t just tick boxes on paper, they fit your team and culture too.

KovaHR Solutions Full-Cycle RPO Process



Recruitment is a long-term investment in the people who power your business. We’ve shaped our teams and technology to quickly find quality candidates who want to work with you, making our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services much more cost-effective than traditional recruitment agencies. 

We can take on the whole process or provide support where you need it. We find great candidates and recommend the top talent to choose from. And we tailor our team to fit your goals—so no matter what your recruiting needs, we’re right there with you.

  • We find the right people, faster

Our advanced recruitment platform uses insights and AI to spot the people who have both the skills to do the job and the mindset to grow and develop in your culture. So you spend less time and money finding quality candidates. And we don’t stop after the search—we’re there to settle them in for the road ahead.

  • We adjust our strategy to meet your goals and control costs

Hiring can look different for you from one year to the next. But no matter what, you’re under pressure to reduce your cost per hire. We flex to fit what you need right now, and what you need tomorrow — that’s how we’ve helped clients who rely on recruitment agencies save at least 50% on their yearly hiring spend.


  • We make it a better hiring experience for everyone

With a focus on hiring quality talent, we know how crucial it is to instil a sense of equity and ethics when communicating with candidates, both internal and external, in order to bolster a professional and attractive image during the recruitment process. We keep your candidates excited about working with you and keep the lines of communication open throughout the process. And we prep you for interviews with custom candidate guides so you’re consistent in your evaluation approach and find it easier to measure criteria and consider your options.


  • We help you achieve your diversity, equity and inclusion goals

Diversity is infused into every part of our recruitment process. Our approach results in a differentiated and non-bias process experience for all candidates while keeping the candidate engaged at every stage. We partner with you to explore your drivers for diversity and discuss which job requirements are most critical for you. We can advise on the attractiveness of your employer brand with key diverse talent pools and explore how ready your organization is to retain diverse talent in any given market.


  • We’re partners, supporting you with our expertise

We build the team you need when you need it, made up of specialists in RPO, advisory, executive and professional search, depending on your focus. Need expertise in branding, change management or project recruitment? We provide it. Our people work around the world in almost every industry to give you local specialist knowledge with a global outlook.


  • We use the best technology for your needs

We take an agnostic and bespoke approach when it comes to the selection of tools and technology for all our solutions. We place great focus and emphasis on working collaboratively with our clients to determine the best possible talent acquisition solution, and advise on the specific tools and technologies to adopt as part of the process

Tell us how we can help — and we will.